Nov 4, 2008

I am not telling you how to vote, or suggesting that you should be for or against partial birth abortion, but you should be informed.

OK, today is the day, please go vote!
I know a BIG issue is abortion, mainly "Partial Birth Abortion". In my medical training and in my interaction with patients, I have found that the majority of the population do not know REALLY what a partial birth abortion is.

I try to make informed decisions, not just emotional, or "party line" decisions. So I thought I would post these links so you could see exactly what is a partial birth abortion. If we are going to claim that we are for or against something we should at least have a general idea of what we are standing for or against.
Obviously there are other issues that you need to consider before you vote, please just educate yourself on the candidates voting record. Go with the one that voted the majority of the time the way YOU would vote if you could.

PS I was born during my mothers 7-8th month of pregnancy and my younger sister was born in the 6th month. Obviously we were both capable of life, surviving and thriving even though were were not full term.

Not graphic, just more informative:
Video Demonstration of a Partial Birth Abortion

Video of diagrams showing the procedure, this is usually done in the 5th through 7th month of pregnancy

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