Dec 29, 2008

Do you remember your Mom trying to get you to eat by saying "There are starving kids in... China, Africa..."

Well here is a chance to REALLY help children that do not have adequate nutrition.

This fundraiser is to provide the orphans with one egg and one piece of fruit per day for a year!

While visiting Africa recently, I saw how poorly the orphans at the Wellington Orphanage were being fed.

They only get 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner. This usually consist of porridge or rice.

Very rarely do they get protein or fruit and vegetables. When mission teams are visiting they may get a piece of fruit a few times or protein on SPECIAL occasions.

This is a picture I took of one of the "special occasion" meals, rice with cassava leaf:

The Wellington orphanage is doing the best they can on what little budget they have.

However the children are malnourished which has so many side effects.

New research shows that even mild under-nutrition can prevent learning. Malnutrition can even affect learning before slowing down growth.

Under-nutrition increases how often and how long a child may be sick. They do not have proper medical care to treat the every day illnesses.
So when they get something that would be considered minor here in the United States, it could be fatal for these malnourished kids.

Poorly nourished children tend to be less physically active, less curious, less attentive, less independent, less responsive socially, and more anxious.

These traits keep them from developing reading, verbal, and physical skills, among others.

Because of their lack of protein, vegetables and fruit most of the children showed signs of iron deficiency such as anemia.

Anemic children do not do well on math, reading, vocabulary, problem-solving, or psychological tests.

Even mild iron deficiency causes fatigue and a shortened attention span.

Feeling hungry affects learning.

These hungry children tend to be irritable, disinterested in learning, nervous, timid passive, and unable to concentrate.

If we REALLY want to help this country, these children it all starts with proper nutrition!
Here are some pictures I took that show the malnourished children:

Please come to this AWESOME fundraiser! Have fun and help change the world!
January 4th at 6:30pm
There will be a concert with ARANDA and a hilarious comedian who is a Christian named Elijah Tindale!

It is at Club Venu in Bricktown 222 East Sheridan
MUST BE 21 years of age
Admission- FREE

(parking garage right next to Venu is free on Sundays)

Please pass this on to anybody you want, post on your own blog or forums.

Dec 16, 2008

Thankfulness, Gratitude, Meekness and Self-Control

This was written by my dear friend and mentor Kathy Patton. It really spoke to me today so I thought I would share it with you:
I love learning new visual aides and word pictures.

This morning I learned a few details about a very important small device on a boat. It is called the Trim Tab.

The Trim Tab is not the boat, nor is it the motor, it is not even the rudder on the motor. It is a small tab that when slightly turned in a new direction can affect the entire boat and its ability to properly ride through the water at greater speeds and allows the boat to turn with greater ease. It can significantly reduce the time needed to get up on plane. It also allow a boat to keep its bow down and stay on plane at lower speeds and thus conserving fuel.

I began applying this new concept to my life. What are some of the trim tabs that allow me greater effectiveness and ease of maneuvering through life?

Thankfulness and gratitude. I read in an article, "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

Meekness. John MacArthur’s notes say it well, “This is not weakness but a genuine concern for others which will be reflected in a desire to treat others gently, just as the Lord treats all believers.”

Self-control. The restraining of my passions and appetites for the greater good. Not allowing my desires to dictate my actions but laying them down out of love for Jesus.

Of course there are many others that could indentified but for today I will be concerned with putting these three into practice. I know it will improve my effectiveness for Christ. This time of year can be filled with things to do, places to go and people to see if I do not focus my attention on the eternal. My hearts desire is to fill this Christmas with Christ.

Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year,

Posted by Deziray

Dec 15, 2008

FREE Jack Russell Terriers

This has been passed on by a friend, if interested please call Tracy at 625-2195 not Deziray!
I know nothing about these dogs or which are left:

These puppies are 6 of the CUTEST, SWEETEST puppies I have ever seen!
They were going to get dropped off at the Animal Shelter and I
volunteered to care for the puppies until suitable homes can be found!

Please call Tracy at 625-2195 if you are interested in providing a good
INDOOR home. JRT's coat are soft, smooth and too thin to fare the
elements outside for more that a very short period of time. They crate
train very well (I have been crate training them all weekend) and the
potty training has been going well!!! They are loving, loyal sweet
animals and I will provide a general care sheet for JRT's if you would
like to adopt one.

I cannot take care of them for long and I will be heart broken if I have
to take them to the animal shelter, but I have 4 dogs myself and cannot
take care of 10 for long!

I believe there are 5 males and one female These are SWEET natured
puppies!! They love to cuddle, are very smart and love children.

They have been wormed and flea bathed.