Apr 19, 2009

It's official, she is an ATHLETE!

Alessondra is playing soccer at Crossings Community Church, and daddy is PROUDLY coaching her and her coed team.
Coach Jeff posing with Alessondra, 1st game

Coach getting the kids "pumped up" before the game
Last minute pointers:
Alessondra did pretty well the first week, but she could not understand why the ball would not just come to her.  She was use to her practice sessions with Daddy, where he always kicked the ball right to her.  I have video of the tears this created.
Team picture minus 1 : Carson , Ella, Hunter, Alessondra, Isabella, Cameron, Avalon & Chloe not pictured 

Alessondra, ready to play at the 2nd game.  

Taking a few seconds to pose with her fans:
Alessondra and I
Alessondra and Papa, (Nindy was there too, but she is busy documenting the game for us : ) )
Coach Jeff leading the 2 teams in a half time devotional and prayer

Alessondra not only played better this week, she cheered her team on when she was not in the game.  Alessondra getting a little excited with the pom poms:

Coach with the team, yes that is my child with the Scooby Snacks in her mouth!
Coach daddy, Coaching Alessondra:
"no one told me soccer would be so much running, I am tired!"
Alessondra getting ready to go after the ball: