Jul 25, 2005


When you nurse you wrap your hand around my thumb, and nestle you head in the bend of my arm. You also make the cutest coo sounds while your eating. You are a very fast eater. When Aunt Kerri watched you , she gave you and Makayla a bottle at the same time and when you had finished your 6 oz, Makayla had only finished 3oz.

Jul 24, 2005

4 months & 1 week

Today your Dad and I went to the lake with Uncle CJ, Aunt Kari Jo, Kim and Trevor. You stayed with your Papa and Nindy. They have so much fun with you, I have never seen grandparents that do as much or love their grandchild like they do you!
When I was nursing you tonight a thought came to me: It will not be long and you will not fit in my arms or on my lap. I rocked you as you nursed. I stroked your cheek, and looked into your eyes, I wish these times could last forever. I love you so much, every day with you is a gift!