Jun 8, 2010

Bonding time and short lived joy!

With Daddy out of town for a quick 2 1/2 days, I am really looking forward to some bonding time with Alessondra.

We had a great date night with Sushi for dinner and City Bites cookies for dessert, however the real bonding came once we arrived home for the evening.

Jeff and Alessondra have been checking in on and giving water and food to this pigeon (Fuzz) for 3 days or so, it flew into our ceiling fan on the patio of a recently empty lease property. I spoke with the animal shelter today and they agreed to help it and fix it's hurt wing and or leg so today we brought it home to take to the animal shelter tomorrow morning.

Poor Alessondra took this pic , then we put it in it's box with some food, which it did eat a little bit of, checked on it, it was ok, then 5 min later she found it "gone."

Wow, she cried over and over " No My Lovee wake up, no wake up, Lovee I don't want you to be dead!"
One eye did not close when it passed, and she kept saying " No mommy look her eye is still open she is not dead!"
Wow, I am tearing up just remembering all of this, I just had to hold her when she cried and cried : ( We both cried!

She then wanted to keep Fuzz (to remember the bird forever), luckily I was able to talk her into letting me bury it. I found the big shovel and she found her sand shovel.

After the burial and prayer, Alessondra said to me "Mom, you can go inside now, I am going to swing for a little bit and think about Fuzz, I want to be alone."

I am still crying, Am I this emotional because I am pregnant or is it normal??
I just hurt when my little girl hurts... I am in trouble when some stinky boy breaks her "heart!"
Here is a link I found that may help some of you now or in the future: