Dec 15, 2008

FREE Jack Russell Terriers

This has been passed on by a friend, if interested please call Tracy at 625-2195 not Deziray!
I know nothing about these dogs or which are left:

These puppies are 6 of the CUTEST, SWEETEST puppies I have ever seen!
They were going to get dropped off at the Animal Shelter and I
volunteered to care for the puppies until suitable homes can be found!

Please call Tracy at 625-2195 if you are interested in providing a good
INDOOR home. JRT's coat are soft, smooth and too thin to fare the
elements outside for more that a very short period of time. They crate
train very well (I have been crate training them all weekend) and the
potty training has been going well!!! They are loving, loyal sweet
animals and I will provide a general care sheet for JRT's if you would
like to adopt one.

I cannot take care of them for long and I will be heart broken if I have
to take them to the animal shelter, but I have 4 dogs myself and cannot
take care of 10 for long!

I believe there are 5 males and one female These are SWEET natured
puppies!! They love to cuddle, are very smart and love children.

They have been wormed and flea bathed.

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Dana Byers said...

Oh! I reeeeeeeeally want one of those for Christmas! *sigh* SO cute! I hope they all are adopted soon.