Nov 22, 2008

Africa pics coming soon...

I will return home tomorrow! I will have been away from my family for 2 weeks upon my return, so be please be patient with me. I will first love on and catch up with Jeff and Alessondra BEFORE I start posting pictures and notes from Africa. I am excited to share with you what God did with your prayers and the funds you donated!
I love each of you,


The Hoppers Family said...

We can't wait to hear all about your trip! Glad you are almost home safely.

The Hoppers

Keysha said...

If my math is correct, you should be home safely by now. I hope the last stretch of your trip was uneventful. I cannot wait to hear and see it all!!!

Judy McCarver said...

I am glad your trip went well and you were so blessed as I am sure many others were whom you served.