Oct 29, 2008

The joys in life

Here are a few pics just to prove that our child DOES get treats every once in a while, and to show you that she IS a HAPPY child.
Not a sheltered, miserable, unsocialized, homeschooler that has no joy in life. : )
Alessondra enjoying a Braum"s Yogurt twist cone

Alessondra waiting with her cousin Makayla for some popcorn

Alessondra & Makayla playing dress up at UnPluggits "Princess Cowgirls"

Alessondra & her Daddy roasting marshmallows

Alessondra collecting CANDY at the Storybook Forest, Arcadia with Gracie and Jackson


Gwen Hanson said...

You are funny! You know that twist cone was non-fat frozen yogurt, and the halloween candy got thrown in the garbage when Super went to bed. I'm only kidding...but the kid is still gonna be wearing apron dresses and tying her har in the bun while making her own laundry soap and churning fresh butter. haha. Love you, Gwen

Jeff said...

And that's just the stuff that Mommy knows about!