Oct 8, 2008

My healthy "Food Buddy"

Alessondra and I went to Penn Square Mall the other day to visit our FAVORITE store, the Apple Store!
Anytime she knows we are going to this particular mall, I can count on hearing the SAME question, with excitement: "Can I have Sushi and Edamame, PLEASE?" The food court has a GREAT sushi bar!

Another place that we frequently visit because it was one of my Dads, AKA Papa Bear's favorite places, is Souper Salad.

Children her age eat for free, and if you know me this is very enticing! I guarantee they are reconsidering that deal, once they witnessed how much salad she can eat! She does not eat the unhealthy iceberg blend, with tons of sugary dressing and gold fish and raisins on top. Oh NO, my child goes for the broccoli, okra, spinach and carrot toppings with a big helping of vegetable soup, dressing on the side! She also wants pickles on it, lots and lots of pickles, which I am not too crazy about the sodium level in that....But hey she eats sushi and edamame with me, if she wants a pickle, by golly she can have one!


The Christenson's said...

Wow, that is quite a palette that child has. She eats better than me! Good for her and good for you for passing those healthy habits on to her.

Judy said...

Hey good to hear from you and see pictures.

Mom2Hannahbear said...

You better watch out...she'll be a tree-hugging hippie yet! Greenpeace and braless animal rights advocacy may not be unrealistic...haha