Mar 23, 2009

Sad 2 Smiles

When we first got Emmie 7/2008 :

Wow, what a whirl wind 24 hours we have had here at the Click house!!  Last evening I came home after being gone most of the day.  After preparing and enjoying dinner I went to let our 2 dogs out, Emmie (Yorkie) and Justice (German Sheppard).

A little history on Emmie.  
We purchased Emmie in July of 2008, she was 3 years old when we bought her from my Step-Sister, Pam.  Who was once in the Yorkie breeding business.   My mother bought Emmie's "boyfriend",  Jack, from her as well.  
  Emmie is a very shy and timid dog.  Due to Emmie being older and not used to children, Emmie did not bond too well with  Alessondra. She pretty much runs from us and stays hidden most of the time.  

So we decided to breed Emmie and Jack in hopes of getting a puppy that we could raise around Alessondra.

Two weeks ago I took Emmie to the Vet for x-rays to determine if she was pregnant.  Much to our dismay she was not.  

The Vet showed me the x-ray, NOTHING , no babies in there.  : (  

We were all sad because we just KNEW that she was pregnant.  She showed all the signs of being pregnant.  They diagnosed her with a "false" or hormonal pregnancy.  Which I guess is pretty common.

Anyway, I digress (often)
Back to letting the dogs out.  Our little Emmie did not come when we called to to go outside.  (This is not normal for her)
So we looked and looked and looked all throughout the house.  Normally if we go into an area or room she is in, she will dart out, this did not happen.

Jeff recalled that earlier in the day, Alessondra had went outside and left the door open for quite some time.  We concluded that Emmie must of slipped out at that time.

Thank God she has her tags on, however no one will ever be able to get close enough to catch her, much less read her tags!

We prayed (numerous times), Jeff drove the neighborhood and others around us, he even had some neighbors helping.  Alessondra and I walked around calling for her.

Jeff checked the ditches and ponds : (
It was so heartbreaking to see how upset Alessondra was.  I stayed up late into the night designing a "Lost Yorkie" flyer.

Early Monday morning I went out and searched the neighborhoods again as did Jeff and my MIL Cindy. (Big thanks out to them!)

Jeff printed my flyers, I dispersed them, called the Animal control shelters.  Thought about what type of dog I might get to help heal my baby's griefing heart...

At about 5:00 my friend, Robin and I visiting.  She had just suggested that I call the Animal Shelters, so I did.  We both hear a "Jingle" of a dog collar!  Turn and look, and guess who is standing in my living room...Emmie!

Where had she come from? Where had she been?  I was just so glad she was home! Has she been in the house the entire time??  NO WAY! 

Robin and I discussed how we would never know what she had been doing the last 24 hours. 

Emmie sat with us for a few minutes, (which was odd), Emmie even let 3 1/2 yr old Jaxton pet her...(even more odd).

What was going on?  What alien dog took over my Yorkie??

Emmie jumps off the couch, "Hey let's follow her into the bedroom" Maybe she will take us to where she has been hiding?

She goes straight to my closest...(Strange)

Robin spots her!

I reached behind the clothes, pull Emmie out, along with a few things I should of hung up months ago, but never "found the time", and OH MY GOSH, 
what else do I pull out...........................................................................

A healthy 6 ounce newborn baby girl yorkie!
Look at the joy in her eyes!!  That is so awesome to see that type of smile on your daughters face!

Mommy Emmie and baby yorkie(no name yet) are doing great!
The Vet says that the puppy is beyond healthy...very very fat!
God is so great!  Our prayers answered and then some!!

I guess the x-ray and the Vet were wrong...she was pregnant! (Do I get my money back for that visit?)


Wende said...

This is the sweetest picture. And mommy doesn't even mind sharing with Alessondra that is wonderful...Priceless!

The Hoppers Family said...

Oh, I am so happy for you--what a happy ending! I am also pretty jealous that Emmie had her baby before I did. ;)

Angela & Brad said...

awwwe, so cute!!! she wasn't an "alien" dog after all... just hormonal like the rest of us ;) can't wait to meet the newest addition to the click family!

Keysha said...

You guys know you couldn't have written that story if you tried!!!
Thanks for posting pics...I was dying to see the newest addition....and oh that last pic is just priceless.
How is it having a newborn again? haha

The Christenson's said...

Oh my goodness!! That is NUTS! What a great story...what great pics...and what a cuuute puppy! I was so worried that story wasn't going to end so well, and I am SO glad it did!