Mar 5, 2009

For the Health of our children, Turn off the DVD players (yes even in the car), the TV, computers and the video games.

Data indicate children who watch more than two hours of TV per day may have increased asthma risk.

Commenting on the study detailed by Bloomberg News, Mary Engel pointed out in the Los Angeles Times (3/4) Booster Shots blog that "asthma is generally thought to influence sedentary behavior rather than vice versa: A wheezy child opts to watch TV rather than risk an exercise-induced asthma attack."

But, the work published in Thorax by researchers in Scotland shows "the opposite to be true." After tracking "3,065 children from 3.5 years of age to 11.5 years," investigators found that "about six percent of the children had asthma by age 11," whereas they were all asthma-free at study start.

Furthermore, "those who watched TV for more than two hours a day in early childhood were almost twice as likely to have been diagnosed with asthma by age 11 as those who watched less."

The authors explained that the "relationship between physical activity, sedentary behavior, and asthma is complicated," but "one hypothesis is that failure to stretch airway muscles by the kind of regular deep breathing that comes from exercise may contribute to the development of asthma."

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Judy McCarver said...

Dez I can think of a million reasons to turn off the tvs and dvd players. Get out a board game. eat dinner together at the table, not in front of the tv. TV is great in moderation, but we have to remember it serves to isolate us from everyone. Whenever I see a teenager (or yes, a toddler) with a tv, phone, electronics, etc in their bedroom, I wonder why would they ever come out to talk to their parents? You have a hit a button with me on this one. TV also dumbs us down, and does very little to move us up the IQ ladder. It always amuses me when I see this phrase in the media "smart tv." It is served up as a nice package, but it often divides families. So do computers. (my sore spot) And it is all left brain, again keepin that right brain very very inactive. Finally (promise I will quit after this) what about the great outdoors and fresh air. But today our kids have too many reasons not to go play outside and/or exercise, tv, computer, video games. Ah is this where great advances in technology have brought us, to sedentary lifestyles (associated with numerous health related problems) and a disassociation from our family and friends?