Aug 16, 2008

Trying to "catch" a duck

Trying to "catch" a duck
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With a break in the recent 100 degree and plus weather Alessondra and I took a little trip to the park. We were joined by my lil sis Kerri and her 3 children: Ashlen, Blake & Makayla. Much to our surprise the resident ducks were VERY social, or maybe just REALLY hungry. Whatever the reason "the cousins" had a blast feeding them out of their hands.

dezirayclick's Fun w/ the ducks photosetdezirayclick's Fun w/ the ducks photoset

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Keysha said...

that is too cute! when we were at the beach and kenna was getting soooo close to the seagulls, i said what exactly are you going to do when you do catch one? lol

glad to see you blogging again :)