Sep 13, 2008

Blessings in life...

I have learned you must be careful what you ask for. I guess sometimes I forget that He is the "All Knowing and the All Powerful"
As you may know ( Or not) , my husband and I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to simplify, downsize and create margin.

With the housing market being in a unique state right know I was not sure how this would work. Remember the account in Matthew, when Jesus instructed Peter to go fishing and in the first fish he caught he should reach in his mouth and there would be the coin, the EXACT amount he would need to pay the temple tax. This seemed unrealistic but Peter obeyed, and of course Jesus provided what he said he would provide!

God has provided an AWESOME situation for us and our current home. We had some individuals dropped in our laps, they want to move into our NOW!

Our house is not on the market, is not "showeable" condition and was in disarray yesterday when I got the call that in 2 minutes a Realtor would be at my door with some potential clients.
I had just finished steam cleaning the 2 big area rugs and all the furniture was pushed aside, I was in a tank top (bra straps showing, thank God I had a bra on!) no shower and the Realtor could not stay, so I had the pleasure of showing them around!

They want it, they want to be in by the 21st, of this month! This meant we needed to get out by today, so Jeff can schedule crews all next week to get it ready for our new tenants!

Jeff and I, my MIL, Cindy and FIL, Richard have spent the last 5 days packing, cleaning and sorting. The movers just left, they took all of out stuff to storage. This is a huge blessing, but a STRESSFUL ONE! So I BIG THANK YOU goes out to my in-laws!!!

God has so blessed us with this move, but he has never blessed Jeff and I like he blessed us on March 17th, 2005.

I will most definitely use A LOT of bubble wrap when packing her! (See the pics above)


hot stock pick said...
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The Christenson's said...

What a whirlwind! Glad that the selling is all taken care of. Good luck with your move! It is stressful but will be over with soon!!

Dana said...

Wow. I LOVE this story. Way to obey - may the blessings be overwhelming! Way to lead by example!!