Aug 14, 2008

A day remembering Papa Bear

A day remembering Papa Bear
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A day remembering Papa Bear

Thurs 8/14/08
Today Alessondra and I visited "Papa Bears Bench". (My father who passed away almost a year ago)
She actually gets very excited when I tell her we are going out there, which I am thankful for. At first I was not sure about her seeing me cry. Her sweet hugs and little voice saying"Mommy it's OK, I'll make you happy, and when we go to heaven it will be HAPPY." This let's me know that she enjoys comforting her mommy.
She and I both love looking at the pictures on the bench and "talking" to Papa Bear.
She said to me "Mommy, are you SURE Papa Bear can hear me? Heaven is so high up there."


The Christenson's said...

Oh, that is so sweeeet! I am so glad you get to spend that time out there and I am so sorry for this loss. I know it was a year ago, but I don't think it probably gets much easier.

Mom2Hannahbear said...

Tell Super that I am sure Papa Bear can hear her. I know he brought Dad so much joy. He loved her so much.

Michelle said...

You write very well.