Aug 8, 2009

ALOLOD (Alessondra Laugh Out Loud of the Day Part 1)

Jeff became a father on March 17th 2005 to Alessondra Cielo Click.

he is a "Daddy's Girl" in every sense of the phrase!

He her "Prince" and she his "Princess"

As a way to document the special moments with his "Princess", "Prince" started a photo blog via Flickr.

He also journals online the cute things she said, the "Alessondra Laugh Out Loud of The Day, (ALOLoD) via Twitter.

I thought I might share some of those funny ALOLOD with you.

Laughing because my 3yr old just boldly informed me, "Daddy, I won't stop sucking my fingers because it helps me relax when I'm onda couch."
Sep 10th, 2008

LOL! "Daddy, this rubber ducky will make your back feel better." No Super, I don't think it will. "Yes, it will, Daddy. It's a Duck-ter.8:55 PM Oct 28th, 2008
Super asked "Do I get a transportation?" to the ballet teacher today as she handed out INVITATIONS to the recidal.
Nov 10th, 2008

LOL! Alessondra, why did you have to tinkle AGAIN this week during ballet? "Because I dranked water and it digested, Daddy."
Nov 17th, 2008

Still laughing at Alessondra. "Daddy, don't tell me again that Mommy is coming home tomorrow. You already told me like twenty times already.
Nov 22nd, 2008

LOL-o-the-day: "Mommy & Daddy, I have a big problem. Something is making me not clean up like you said."
7:34 PM Nov 28th, 2008

Best line of the day...Alessondra: "For dinner, I'm sitting next to my hero. Daddy, where'we sittin'?"
7:07 PM Dec 7th, 2008

LOLing at my jaded Alessondra watching Enchanted, saying to me, "Prince Charmy, this show is just silly. Dragons can't talk."
7:38 PM Dec 11th, 2008

LOLing: "Mommy, why did you say I can't have boyfriends? I NEEEED my Daddy!"
8:45 PM Dec 22nd, 2008

Only in Oklahoma, from a 3 year old: "No, Daddy, I won't sample that off the fork. I only eat ribs off the bone."
7:07 PM Dec 26th, 2008

My 3 year old wants to know why so many parents drop their kids off at the mall to be babysat without a babysitter. It's a good question.
8:08 PM Jan 17th

LOLing @AlessondraClick: Can we have ice cream? @DezirayClick: We'll see. @AlessondraClick: See what? What are you even talking about?
8:39 PM Jan 25th

A: Daddy, tonight, I'm a tiger. Roar!/(toot) Me: I don't think tigers toot and roar at the same time. A:Yes, they do. Roar!
7:25 PM Feb 24th

A:"Daddy, now that we have the new puppy, it's still all girls and you. If JohnnyY was here, you wouldn't be the only boy."
10:28 AM Mar 28th

Alessondra: Daddy, Adam & Eve should've said "God, may we speak on the matter? We think the snake seems nice, so may we eat from the tree?"
7:20 PM Apr 13th

@DezirayClick asks "What made you just ask about helping homeless people, Alessondra?" A:"My brain just told my mouth to ask, Mommy."
8:15 PM Apr 20th

Alessondra: "I think David Archuleta is Adam Lambert's little boy." The ironic, innocent profundity of a 4-year old in this day and age.
10:51 PM Apr 22nd

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Squirly Girls said...

I just found your blog. I love it. Those are adorable memories. What a cutie. Can't wait to follow along and see what she does next.