Jan 25, 2010

Bible Study starts up this Wed Jan 27th 9:30 am

Within The Word:
We will be studying the letters of Paul, starting in the book of Galations. We meet Wednesday at 9:30am-11:30am

Our group is a mix of ages and different stages of life. Mostly (28-60 years of age) some college students, Younger Moms , older moms, some have teenage children, blended families, and a few have grown children and grand children.

These older women have become such awesome role models and mentors for me and I learn tons from the other moms. So it is a great mix! We are all from different walks of life. We will laugh, cry and fellowship together.

Childcare: Currently we meet at a home in Gallairdia and the children are upstairs in the playroom.
We do pay for childcare, those of us that use it, it usually comes to $3 or $4 per child apiece.
We have 3 homeschooled girls that watch them.

The girls are great and the oldest is 15 years old and is CPR certified!

However if you can not afford to pay childcare, we can take care of that. We have a fund that other members donate to, so we can take care of any childcare if it can not be afforded! Please let me personally know if this is something you need assistance with.

Kathy Patton teaches and writes the Bible study.
After she teaches we then break up into 2 or 3 small groups to discuss the passages and that weeks homework.

The homework is not a lengthy assignment. It is usually about 15-20 questions about that weeks chapter that should take you anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours, depending how much you dive into the passages.

Kathy has written and taught many bible studies and has taught for many many years, she is AWESOME!! Found out more about her by clicking HERE

There is no cost for the study, we will upload the HW to our website www.withintheword.com weekly and you can download and print it at you convenience. .

Please check out our website too see some of the videos of the teaching and samples of the homework.

We do not mind if you come and try us out....kinda like speed dating : )

We begin meeting again on Jan 27th, 9:30 am
Just come and check us out at any time and if this is not the group for you I will try to help find the "one" for you, no problem!
Just let me know or check to make sure we are meeting, we do not normally take breaks during a semester but sometimes we do have to switch locations.

Oh Yea there are approx 15-20 that attend regularly and yes we have room for you!
PS Let me know if you plan to come, so we can be prepared with adequate childcare.
Let me know any other questions

Gaillardia Edition. ½ mile north of Memorial Road on MacArthur Boulevard
address is 5301 Pulchella Dr Oklahoma City, 73142, let the "guard" know you are going to the Tibbs home.

Turn in front gate of Gaillardia, turn right, take next right.. It's 3rd house on left, you can park along street by waterfall

Link to a map click HERE

email me at deziray@clickworld.net if you have any questions

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