Oct 31, 2009

Are you smarter than a 4 year old..I am FOR SURE NOT!!

We were blessed with tickets to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Ballet tonight, Thanks Aunt Lisa! What a great way to spend Halloween night!

We have looked forward to the day when we could take Alessondra to one of our all time favorite restaurants, Cheevers!

Daddy decided that tonight would be a great night, it is not far from the Civic Center and she is old enough to behave properly in a nice restaurant. Below is a conversation between Jeff and her on our way to the restaurant:

Jeff: Alessondra we are taking you to Mommy & Daddy's favorite restaurant, Cheevers. There'll be art on the walls that I bet you will like.
Alessondra: Monet?
Alessondra:Daddy will there be any pointillism?
Jeff:Monet didn't do pointillism.
Alessondra:I KNOW THAT DADDY, Georges Seirat did! #alolod

Alessondra enjoying her first look at her "Seafood Tamales"

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Squirly Girls said...

Wow! My kids can't even spell pointillism:) What a doll she is!