Jan 27, 2009

Fun in the "snow" AKA Ice pellets, Now and 3 years ago...

Jan 2006

Jan 2009

Ice Skating on the back patio

"Mommy Can I eat this WHOLE bowl of snow?"
"Snow Cream"

Alessondra (My Baby) Jan 2006
Such a Lil Girl Jan 2006

Alessondra My "Big Girl" Jan 2009, but still my baby!

So Much Fun!!

Slid a LITTLE too fast in our homemade "sled"


The Christenson's said...

She has gotten to be such a "big" girl! She looks so small in those 2006 pictures. Adorable!

Judy McCarver said...

Needless to say, all adorable pictures. I always love the contrast of ages.

Cindy Downes said...

Cute pictures! She must be a joy!