May 31, 2008

Return from 2nd annual family vacation

We just returned from our family vacation in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.
You love the beach.  You would run up and down the beach screaming "I LOVE the beach!"  You did this time and time again.  I love watching you enjoy life!  You are a really happy child. 

Daddy and I LOVED being with you with no other distractions.  We only stayed from Monday night to Friday morning.   

You were complimented on your Spanish.  We have allowed you to watch "Muzzy" videos for the last couple of years.  These videos are in spanish.  They were the 1st videos you ever watched. We are hoping that this will make it quite easy for you to speak Spanish fluently.  You also like to listen to the German editions of Muzzy.  

As a result you really enjoy any thing on the Spanish channels.  Which is a good thing since there was nothing in English on TV while on vacation.

Whenever you would see other kids on the beach you would have no problem approaching them. 

You are a very friendly, talkative and outgoing little girl.  You get that from me, I talk a lot also.

You get your brains from Daddy and personality from me. 

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