Jan 21, 2006

Time flies

Today we went to your cousin Jackson's 1 yr party. It was Construction them, like tonka trucks and hard hats, too cute.
Your Daddy and I have been thinking about you 1 yr party. I think we might do a "bow" theme. I am pretty crazy about your bows. If you leave the house I make sure you ALWAYS HAVE a bow on. People ALWAYS stop and comment on your beauty and your bows. So maybe. I can not belive you are almost 1 yr old. I am sad b/c I do not want for you to grow up. I love you so much, and I love doing things for yoy. I dread the day when you think that you do not need me. You mean so much to me. You took a nap with me yesterday. It amazes me that you sleeping with me can touch my soul like it did. you are so special to me

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